Who are we?

The Circle of Compassion is a nonprofit organisation that advocates for the dignity and rights of animals. Founded originally as a joint project of activists of different organisations, we demand the liberation of all sentient beings. They should all have the right to freedom, integrity and a life in dignity. In so called „Circle of Compassion“ actions we use real footage from the animal industry to raise awareness of the suffering we inflict upon nonhuman animals, and in conversations inform our fellow humans that we can end this suffering by changing our habits: By living a vegan lifestyle. You can support our work by participating in our actions or becoming a member of our organisation. We'd also be delighted about donations, as these make it possible for us to organise further actions.

Our principles


Our work is focused on the rights of non-human animals, but our compassion doesn’t end there. Speciesism, meaning the discrimination based on species, is only one of many forms of discrimination. These discrimination forms are often connected with each other, and according to our beliefs they can only be abolished by rejecting them as a whole. Following the slogan "one struggle, one fight, human freedom, animal rights!" we reject any form of discrimination. This position is valuable to us, and therefore we don’t tolerate any behavior that is discriminating, molesting or disrespectful in any other way. Any person who agrees to this position is welcome as an activist.

Right of participation

The founders of this project don’t see themselves as leaders with veto power, but rather as organizers who guide and moderate the group and the events. This happens as democratically as possible and practically implementable. All participants have the possibility to get involved and improve the effectiveness of our activism with critique and ideas for improvement. With an increased right of participation we also expect more responsibility from every activist at the same time.

A positive, clear message

Our events are peaceful actions. We only have conversations with people who are interested in the footage and the topic, we stay respectful and don’t beset anyone. At the same time we send out a clear vegan message: The exploitation of both human and nonhuman animals is to be rejected. Always. We also want to emphasize that we don’t see meat eaters or the workers within the animal industry as antagonists, but also as victims of the consisting, exploitative system. We don’t want to fight humans but change the system itself.


We do activism from person to person - everyone is different and unique and brings their own experiences, skills, talents and resources. This is why we intentionally forego uniform clothing at our actions. For us, it's always a human being behind the screen, or in front of other people - we want to signal this diversity and individuality with this choice, as well as our principle that our empathy and interest is not limited to nonhuman animals, even if we primarily campaign for them.