Earthlings Experience Day - 1 month of online activism for the animals - Images and videos from the CoC organisation team

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Earthlings Experience Day - 1 month of online activism for the animals.
Idea Nr.4 - Photo without a person, but with a few personal, heartfelt thoughts with a Wintercroft mask

Today, we were in front of the slaughterhouse. I was starting to feel uneasy on the way there already. "I can leave again", I think, sad and affected. You stay here, until your last breath, when the bolt gun hits you, and the knife is drawn across your throat, the floor drenched in blood.
There are people who don't wanna continue reading now. They don't wanna know how their "food" is produced. But this here would be your chance to finally take off your blinders.
I smell the flowers. How beautiful it would be if we could smell them together. And then I smell something different. I smell blood. I smell the blood, the meat, the stench of death and decomposition at the bus stop already. There are people whom this reminds of food. People, who will now joke about it, recommend me a "real" steak, and then stop reading. Are you scared of the truth?
I keep walking, and I only think of you. Of your glances, panicking and terrified. Your cries, and the anxious treading on the floor, before they come to get you and kill you. And I really hope, it was quick at least. Because most often, this isn't the case. Not even here in switzerland.
Sometimes they hurt, the memories of the terrible images and experiences. But the memory of you, how I saw you for the last time, I will keep it alive, and tell the people about it. I don't know if they will listen, but I know that I will never be silent.
What they do to you is wrong. They can invent as many labels as they want and cover the package in them, with smiling cows and free chickens on green meadows. Killing is never humane. A slaughterhouse is never humane, and viewing animals as a commodity is never, ever appropriate and ethical. I tell the people, fuck off with your pseudo-labels, because: Only freedom is appropriate and ethical.
I leave flowers for you, and I put up a sign, so that all who drive past will hopefully read it. Hoping that they will finally change their mind, and rediscover their compassion.
One day, slaughterhouses will be greenhouses. And the world a place full of peace and unity. You, who have died there today, and me, we might not live to see it. But our descendants, they will lay on meadows together, and smell colorful flowers.
A peaceful and respectful message from one heart to another, to all employees of:
Schweizer Fleisch, Migros, Coop, Bell, Micarna SA, Denner, ALDI SUISSE, Lidl Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera
Please listen to your heart now. Is the pointless killing of sentient beings compatible with your basic moral values as a human? How is "humane" killing supposed to work, if a living being is killed, an animal who doesn't want to die? We could change so much together. A peaceful world is possible. Jobs would still be secure. However, they would be a good bit more pleasant.

To McDonald's, Chickeria, BurgerKing

Are you aware that you are not selling food, but dead animals? A living being who wants to live... chopped up, minced and packaged in bags. But you can package and disfigure it as much as you want... at the end of the day, you yourselves cannot deny: We were complicit in that many of them have died today.
And just as us humans, animals are fond of their life. They don't want to die. And they don't have to, either.
A purely plant-based nutrition is possible and even healthy. An omnivore diet, on the other hand, hurts us all: our planet, the animals, and even us (keywords zoonosis, multiresistant pathogens).
If we don't manage to implement massive change soon, it will be too late. It's time to rethink, to finally implement future-oriented ideas and approaches, instead of digging our own graves.
You have the choice. Be pioneers, change your meal plan. Change from a mortuary to a place of peace; sell life, not death. This sounds much better, doesn't it? Lead by example and show the consumers how delicious plant based burgers and co. can be!
Vegan products are on the advance anyway, and they will overtake animal based foods one day. And hopefully, we will finally leave this cruel era of animal exploitation behind us.
So, why not start today already? Go vegan!